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What are coloured contact lenses?

These are coloured cosmetic fashion accessories used solely for the purpose to change the eye colour. They are not prescription and of no medical use and do not hold any prescription value. We do not offer any prescription or any prescribed items.
Manufactured according to the EU cosmetic directive.  These lenses are for aesthetic and fashion eye colour enhancement only and are not as an attempt to correct any sight disorders or defects of any sort.

So are these contact lenses?

As part of marketing and to enable our customers to find what they are looking for, we may label them as cosmetic contact lense's, coloured lenses, contact lenses, patterned lenses.  Our lenses are manufactured in accordance to cosmetic standards and are deemed by UK law to pass as a fashion cosmetic accessory and not contact lenses / lens.

Do I need to have a contact lense fitting / prescription in order to wear these eye accessories?

As our products are not lenses by definition and are non prescribed as they have a power plano (meaning they do not alter the vision in any way) you do not require a lens fitting prior to wearing or purchasing from us. 
However, the eye is a very sensitive part of your body and so it is recommended that you have an up to date prescription for your benefit.  As you are placing eye accessories in your eyes it is important to ensure your eyes are healthy and free from any sight defects.  If you are a first time wearer of these accessories, it is highly recommended you visit your optician for a lens fitting / prescription.

 Do I need to be a certain age before I can purchase?

Yes, you must be 16 years and over.

Do they hurt to put in and how do I apply to my eye?

All products come with instructions inside the box, PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY. 
The lens should not hurt once you have applied into your eyes.  If they feel uncomfortable or sore, you have not applied properly and must make sure you rinse the lens using solution as well as wash your hands thoroughly before handling. Lens can easily accumulate dirt and so must be cleaned thoroughly by washing lens in its solution everyday. 
If it is your first time wearing the lens, you may feel a little uncomfortable at first but this should settle once the eye gets used to the lens.  

If they sting, feel grainy or sore in any way please remove immediately. Soak in lens solution and retry.  If soreness continues remove immediately and contact us for support. Seek medical advice if soreness continues. 

Our lens are made from soft material and should not feel uncomfortable in anyway.

Can I wear my lens overnight and sleep with them in?

No.  You should never sleep with your lenses in overnight.  Your eyes requires oxygen and by doing this you will starve your eyes from it.  This has serious affects and can lead to serious damage to the eye.   No matter how tired you are please make sure you remember to remove your lenses.

I like to wear my fashion lens everyday. Is it safe to do this?

Yes, providing that your eyes do not feel sore or uncomfortable.  Eyes need oxygen so although the lens are safe to wear everyday, it is recommended that you remove them after 7-8 hour wear.  
I always put mine in the fridge over night in its solution and lens case.  That way when i insert them into my eyes they feel cool and refreshed - this is just my top tip :-)

What are your lens specifications? And how long do they last?

Lens specification is Base Curve:- 8.6mm and Diameter 14.2mm

These fashion lenses can last up to a year providing, proper care.  However, we recommend that you change them within 6 months to ensure healthy use.

Can i wash my lens under water? Can i wear them in the shower / swimming?

Noway! You should not wash your lenses under water or any other fluids other than contact lens solution (which you can also purchase online on our store).  This is to avoid any sight defects. The lens come with the lens case but does not come with solution.  You must also purchase solution if you have not got any.  You should not wear these lens under water or whilst showering as eyes can get irritated as they are in contact with water.

Will my colour look like the models on insta / facebook / on this website?

Every body has different eye pigments.  The lens are most noticeable on dark brown eyes. However, some colours really do stand out on lighter coloured eyes. It is about testing what suits your eye colour the most.  Either way, the fashion lens will give your look an impact and noticeable change.

Can I wear them straight away?

It is recommended that you soak the lenses in solution for a minimum of 6 hours (24 hours is best) This will cleanse the lens ready for use.  

Please note:- The lenses do not come with solution- you must purchase this separately from our store or a local store by you. 

Are these lenses hard or soft lenses?

These fashion lenses are known as soft lenses as they are flexible and require gentle handing. Depending on suppliers / manufacturers lens quality may vary in terms of softness.

Can i wear two lenses at the same time?

No, this should not be done.  These lenses are not prescribed / for vision defects.  They are solely for cosmetic use. You can however, wear contact lenses with your vision glasses.

My Lens are faulty.

If your lenses have not reached you in perfect condition please get in touch via our email (on customer service section) and we can refund or exchange you.  (Please read refund and exchange terms and conditions)

I no longer require my order, how do i receive a refund?

We will happily refund your order, providing that it is in its original un-opened packaging. Please have your order number to hand and email us this. You must return within 14 days after receiving your product.   Returning postage is at your own cost.

Who are your lenses manufactured by?

Our lenses are manufactured by Freshgo and are bespoke according to CEO / Directors requests.

What marks of quality do your fashion accessories come with?

All lenses on Suna Beauty are CE approved by Freshgo and are approved for use in the UK and Europe.
We hold the following certs 
* CE

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept, paypal, credit and debit card too.  We can do a bank transfer but please get in touch to arrange. 

We do not accept, postal order, cheque or cash. 

Can i order free samples? Or samples to promote your lenses?

We are always happy for our customers to promote our services.  We love reposts and shares of your looks. 
Unfortunately we do not offer samples of our products but do get in touch if you would like to promote us!

Do you sell prescription lenses?

Unfortunately, we do not sell prescription lenses at the moment. 
Prescription lenses must be verified via an optometrist prescription and so we cannot sell until the appropriate bodies have been informed for sales of goods. 
Once we get our approvals we will be sure to advertise.

Why do they irritate me?

Your lenses should not irritate you at all.  But if they do it could be because of the following:- 

* You have not applied the lens properly.  For example it may be inside out. 

* The lens could be too big or too small for your eye.  Please see an optometrist to get your measurements. 

* Clean your lens properly. 

I am an Make up Artist / Business / Blogger and would like to purchase your products in bulk or would like to collaborate with you.  How can i get in touch?

We at Suna Beauty™ love to work with new people all the time.   Please use the contact us form to get in touch or call us on the number provided.

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