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Everything You Need to Know About Me And What I Have Instore For You

As one of the area’s leading brands Suna Beauty  is your ultimate go-to place for all things beauty. Suna Beauty has been providing customers, locally with a fantastic shopping experience and with top of the line products at unbeatable prices. 

My first project is my fashion eye accessories that I absolutely love! Not only do these eye accessories look great but they can transform any look.  

Although I love make up, lenses have been my favourite accessory that I have always been passionate about and have worn for the last 15 years! I am not a person who wears heavy make up and so I prefer to emphasise my look using these fashionable lenses. Next i have to say the glitter lipsticks/lip gloss.   This beauties can transform lips and add a little sparkle or a beautiful matt look to any face.   

Born in Paris, France but brought up in the UK.  I have always been interested in experimenting with cosmetics.  After graduating from university, I really wanted to find natural and subtle cosmetics that not only look dramatic but feel feather light yet giving me that flawless look. 

Coming from an Asian background, I always find it hard to find cosmetics that would match my skin tone and give me that flawless look I desire. I love products that feed my soul, skin and confidence. 

I hope that you will find my products now, and those upcoming, to be very natural looking for you and help you create your desired look. 

P.s Please check out the Charities and Sponsors section. We at Suna Beauty, believe in giving back and so i would really appreciate if you can donate to our charities. 

Priti Suna 


CEO and Director 

Suna Beauty™